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Sorry to say so, but my opinion about the organisation of these World Champs is no good at all. Especially after the good arrangements of the past two years (Israel and Portugal), Italy was a big step back.
The maps were generally bad: The printing quality was no good and very different from one race to another. And maybe it would have helped to send a mapmaker into the forest...
The nicest terrain (Brendola) was used for the training camp, none of the WOC terrains could match that. The best terrain actually used for WOC was Sprint. That was a cool race with a good course.
More energy was spent by the Italians on looking good to outsiders. So the arenas looked quite good on the first look. But when you were looking for the result boards you failed. If you were lucky you discovered the A4-sheets of paper with the result lists that were updated very seldomly. Anyway the shown results were quite wrong in many cases and were different from the final results that were sometimes published days later.
I am certainly no big fan of Nick Manfredi's music. But one should not argue about taste.
Generally it seemed that the organizers mainly focussed on pleasing the sponsors and local politicians but neglected the most important thing: The maps.
Michaela Gigon, Austria

The map accuracy was not the best possible. There were orange grass roads missing and some grass roads did not connect exactly as shown on the map. Moreover, as was the case with my Sprint race – the purple line covered a vital piece of information.
The show, media, start and finish places were really nice and spectacular.
Tõnis Erm, Estonia

As a whole it was a great event and the Italians are very good at organizing the things around the races, like marketplaces at each competition center, sponsor ceremonies, visibility for the sport, etc.
The terrain was also very good and it was nice to have completely different racing areas each day.
I think the race schedule was very good when it started with the Long Distance qualification (a good way to get into the race feeling and learn about the race maps and terrain) and it was good to have the Long Distance final the day after and then a rest day before the shorter distances.
Even the race courses were interesting and challenging, but the maps could have been better (read more exact) controll rings covering some important paths and some missing paths did affect the results wich is sad.
Regarding my own races I was pleased with the Long Distance result. It felt good and I could keep up the speed all the way and I like when it's warm. Rather hot than cold. Rikke was just faster riding. I did a small misstake, but it didn't affect the result.
On Middle Distance I made way too many mistakes. I was surprised to be as high up on the ranking as fourth with those mistakes, but seems like everybody did many mistakes. The map spoiled my chances to get a medal (when a control ring covered a very important track). Riding felt good, but I had to stop many times to read the map properly and I should have stopped even more to avoid the mistakes so I'm not satisfied with my race.
In the Relay we had a flat tyre on the first leg and were more or less out of the race even with good going both on second and third leg.
In the Sprint I had a very controlled and fast race in the town, but didn't slow down enough when we got into the wind yards and made some mistakes. Again I found some paths that were not on the map.
One of the tightest Sprints I can remember when top 6 is within about 15 seconds and top 10 is within a minute. Some good look was needed for the podium.
Ingrid Stengård, Finland

For me the last week was one of the hardest during my whole life. I felt really strong before WOC. I won the Austrian Cups, and had good legs and also mentally I was really motivated.
But then it was starting with a broken bike at Long Distance final. I had really, really big problem with orienteering in Middle Distance. The maps were ok, but away from the ideal route the maps had a lot of mistakes. This was the reason for really big mistakes in Middle Distance.
The organisation was good. The problem was that I think organisers should concentrate more on the really essential parts of a WOC (e.g. Maps, startlists, etc.)
It was a pitty that during this WOC, there happend some unfair things. Concerning some competitiors. I hope that Fair Play will always be a really nice and famous part of our Sport.
Kevin Haselsberger, Austria

Results: I'm not happy with my results. 19th in the Long was ok because I always have difficulties with the Long Distance. In the Middle I had some problems with my rear wheel and was unable to pedal so I was forced to retire. The Relay was great, so exciting to be in the leading pack of women and have a good race. Finally in the Sprint, I found the course too simple. There was not enough navigation needed in the urban section.
The maps were good. I didn't find any places where they were wrong, and this is all that matters! The courses were well planned in general. It is often hard to find good areas and good courses. For some races, the planners did the best they could with less terrain.
The event arenas were also good. But there was sometimes a ride to pre-start from quarentine which is unusual, but I think worked well. Before the course, athletes could ride through the towns and spectators could see something was happening. It really bought the sport to the public, which was fantastic.
The overall event was very well organised, which was very nice!
Emily Benham, Great Britain

I am happy with my results on this Championships. I was 2nd at the Sprint and 2nd in the Relay and also next top10 position in Middle and Long Distances.
I liked the terrain and also the courses were good. Generaly, the organization was good in my opinion, but there were also mistake from organisers. The number of marsahls in the forest was small, and there wasn't splittimes in arena, so the speaker was not able to say nothing about the race.
The meal in hotel was not very good.
Jiří Hradil, Czech Republic

I'm satisfied with the results, especially with the Relay, where we won gold with a strong effort of the whole team! At the other races I did to many small mistakes. I could have done better. However, I managed to get in the top 10 at every race, whereabout I'm satisfied. In the Long Distance I got troubles with the high temperatures. I believe that I didn't drink enough.
In the Long Distance qualification and final I had problems to see the orange colour on the map and in general it was difficult to read the map because several important paths and trails were overprinted.
Furthermore I prefer races in the forest to this terrain. But Sprints in such terrains are interesting.
Italy is famous for it's excellent food, but I was really disappointed about the low quality of the diners.
Maja Rothweiler, Switzerland

I´m very satisfied to my results in my first VOC in men category. Bronze medal in Relay is the first medal for me in this category, so it is very important for me.
Arenas in Italy were great. Every competition was in the centre of town so that was really nice. Maps weren´t so perfect in Italy and I hope that we will have better readable maps in next MTBO WOC and also in EOC in Russia.
It is good that we have different terrains. There were lots of hills in Italy and I liked it but it is also nice to ride in flat.
Pekka Niemi, Finland

I was very new to MTBO after riding for a couple of years doing XC races and foot orienteering for 3. There is limited opportunities for MTBO where I live in Tasmania, an island of 500 000 people South of the mainland of Australia with only two or three races each year. I attended a camp run by Kay Haarsma in January for a week which rapidly helped me to improve my mtbo skills. Our selection trials were held in Victoria and I did ok but not great coming 4th in each race, middle and long.
I did a great deal of road cycling and mtbing in preparation for Italy including lots of hill reps but I didn't get to do very much MTBO at all as there are only two proper MTBO maps in Tasmania, I did quite a bit of foot'O though as all the navigation helps. I came in with no expectations and was aiming for one top 20 performance.
The training week helped me a lot! A few of the maps, particualy Lago de Fimon and the model event area, I found to be rather inaccurate but all of the riding was a great deal different to anything in Australia so it took quite a while to get accustomed to the rocky and steep trails. Also the large amount of yellow and tarmac roads was an other thing that was very different to Australia. Even the trees are different and leaf litter, in Australia there is big eucalypt trees. It took some time to get used to the orange strips and realizing instantly what they meant, there was some confusion during the training week as to what we could actually ride through.
I didn't train very well and I had quite a lot of mistakes but I suppose this helped me to do better in the competitions as it made me stop and read the map more. I didn’t feel like I rode fast in the races, just didn’t make many mistakes although I did ride strongly on the large hills on the tarmac in the long distance final
The organisation was quite well done and I particularly enjoyed from a watching point of view the double drinks control in the long final that was put up on the big screen in the finish arena. It was great having the cameras and it would have been cool to have gps tracking for top riders as well to bring more excitement and publicity to our sport. I also enjoyed how there was start and finishes in towns as it made it more accessible and also easier at start and finish for riders.
The Australian team catered for themselves so we didn’t get to join the majority of other teams for dinner and as a results didn’t get to meet as many people as I might have liked to. Although there was plenty of other time to socialize and meet new friends from other countries.
Overall I had an awesome time on my first international sporting experience and was extremely surprised to have done as well as I did!
Tom Goddard, Australia

This was my second Junior World Championship.
I think my statement was good. On the course, I took the 4th place in the Middle Distance, I was on Long Distance in the 8th place and, in the Relay, Russia team took the 2nd place. This was my best result.
The terrain was difficult, stone roads, dangerous descents, long climbs. It was very hot. The organization of competition was good. There were many spectators. There was a large screen at the finish. Viewers could see the videos of the races. Everything was interesting, beautiful flower ceremonies, many photographers, videographers and media and many different sponsors too.
Denis Tsarev, Russia

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Hola Joaquim, really an interesting review! many common and different opinions about the same arguments... it should be a report to be done in all international events. Did you find the interview somewhere o you have done them by yourself?

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Ciao Cosimo.
"All by myself", like the song :)
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