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The MTBO World Orienteering Championships 2011 are finished. Orientovar put some questions to its Event Director, Gabriele Viale, trying to know how did he felt with such a big responsability, how everything worked, the feed-back of the participants, the day-by-day of the event, the best moments and the worse and how this event was important for Veneto Region and for italian's Mountain Bike Orienteering. Here you are the answers.

To be the Event Director is a big responsibility, towards the athletes, the Federation, the staff, the public administrations, the sponsors and the volunteers.
It requires time and energies that are taken away from the family. With the economic crisis it was an even harder challenge, and to organise a World Championship in these times needs much courage. Particular attention we paid to the safety, with hundreds volunteers patrolling roads and crossings.

We created an organising structure subdivided in six areas: a) Committee of financial management, b) technical area (cartography, course setters, controllers, etc), c) Marketing and Sponsor, d) Communication/Media, e) Logistic and Volunteers, f) Secretariat.

We are conscious that we have worked well and with much engagement and enthusiasm, introducing in MTB Orienteering new elements so that it can be a sport more attractive for sponsors. We tried the best to build the Start and Finish areas in the main squares of towns/villages. For sure the current regulations for quarantine zones limit the media attraction. We built the arenas in order to get a good media impact for athletes, public and sponsors. We paid particular attention to the opening ceremony.

Every competition was broadcasted on RAI SPORT for thirty minutes with an audience of 700.000 people. It was much followed by local TV and newspapers. In the villages we involved typical food and wine products associations (Sopressa, Parma Ham, Wines, Bread, etc) and each Finish area was a big party for everyone. Obviously, to project Start and Finish in the squares had sometimes limited the technical aspect. I believe that the future of MTB Orienteering should follow the ideas of Arenas applied for Foot Orienteering World Championship. Sponsor are present only if there are media and TV.

Generally, the feedback of participants was good and full of enthusiasm. Many complimented the organisation and appreciated the efforts to make the World Championship a media event, appreciating in particular the prize giving ceremonies and the rainbow jersey for the winner. The great heat of the first two days created some problems for almost everyone.

For Veneto Region it was an important event, a good promotion of the territory and of the excellences in food and wine products of Vicenza District, which athletes could taste after their finish. We took some champions for wine tasting tours through the typical cellars and started up some collateral events such as Golf and Nordic Walking in order to make pleasant the stay of many followers from central and northern Europe. For the Italian Orienteering Federation it was an historical World Championship, with two medals (Laura Scaravonati and Riccardo Rossetto) and a good Junior team, which let us hope for the future.

Gabriele Viale
MTBO World Orienteering Championships 2011
Event Director

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