terça-feira, 6 de setembro de 2011


The end of this long journalistic marathon around the MTBO World Orienteering Championships 2011 is approaching. The last day here in Orientovar begins with the impressions of Giaime Origgi, from Italia team and member of the MTBO Athlete's Commission IOF.

What can I tell you? For my races: I’m not really satisfied with my results. I wanted a medal and I missed to get it, but this is sport and I must congratulate with my opponents.

Long Distance: I was a bit unlucky because I hit an iron bar not marked in the map (but it was visible) near the finish and I couldn’t use the mapholder anymore... so, I lost the 4th place and the possibility to fight for the bronze.
Middle Distance: I started well and I was leading after three controls but then I caught up Davide Machado and Clement Souvray and I started to make mistakes. We were very fast in riding but very poor in orienteering. It was better if I continued to think by myself but even if you know this rule, during a Championship race you can fail to apply it.
Relay: I’m very happy for the Team! We demonstrate to have a strong team and that we can fight with the best ones! We could make 5th place but I made a little mistake at the second last control and Tõnis passed me again... (I had already got him some seconds before...). I tried to got him again but we were both pushed hard and without other uphills till the end it was impossible for me to get him again.
Sprint: mmm... strange race. I don’t want to say anything even if I was almost satisfied with my race at the end.

In general I can say that the organizers did a good job for media. Arenas were accurate, we had television and many articles on papers and internet. For the first time I feel that outside people know what we were doing. For example, I was very happy in hearing many people supporting us along the road during the Long Distance qualification and final.
Even courses were almost interesting: Long was hard and physical, in Middle you had to use more technique, Relay was fast and spectacular. I didn’t like the Sprint course: too easy at the beginning and too tricky for a sprint at the end (maybe the map was not so good too).

On the other hand, there were some things that had could be done better:
- quality of printing of the maps;
- quality and quantity of food during the week (incredible for Italy!!!);
- timetables (it was very annoying to wait hours for the prize giving ceremony at the race place, especially with the hot temperatures of last week).

I think at the end that it was a good Championships but it's always possible to get better!

Giaime Origgi

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