quinta-feira, 12 de maio de 2011


Depois da versão "mobile" e da aposta num visual mais apelativo, o Ultimate Orienteering acaba de lançar uma nova rubrica no seu site, à qual chamou "The essentials of...". Nela se pretende dar a perceber o que os orientistas não dispensam quando partem para uma prova de Orientação. Com a minha assinatura, esta primeira abordagem ao tema leva-nos ao encontro do líder do 'ranking' mundial, Thierry Gueorgiou. É ele que nos "abre o saco" e nos expõe o seu equipamento, onde não falta, nomeadamente, o protector solar.

1. O-Shirt
  Speed LZR from Trimtex. With some other top orienteers, I have worked on the conception and the fitting is optimal. Also very breathable in warm atmosphere.
2. Short O-Pant
  Extreme LZR from Trimtex. Tight fit and pre-shaped knees makes this pant very comfortable. The zipped pocket at the back is useful to bring some extra stuff as well.
3. Underpant
  X-Bionic boxer short. I started to use them in WOC 2005 in Japan and there are really comfortable in warm weather.
4. Compression short  
From BVSport. I had a long partnership with this brand from St Etienne. This is their last production and I have used it for some weeks now. I feel that my thigh muscles are much more relaxed after the trainings.
5. Compression socks  
Black booster from BVSport. It enables a better oxygenation of the muscle fiber and with it I am not anymore suffering of cramps at the end of the races as I had earlier in my career.
6. Socks  
From BVSport. Comfortable and strong with COOLMAX shock absorbers.
7. Shoes
  Irock from VJ. 268 gr in my size. I think it is a great compromise between lightness and strength. If the weather is dry at WOC this year, I’ll use this model.
8. Compass  
Silva 6 Jet Spectra, left hand. I have use Silva compass for my whole career and I like the large stable needle. This year, I added the Silva magnifier glass for WOC. I always bring an extra compass in my back pocket even if I have never broken a compass in competition until now.
9. Punching device
  SPORTident-6, number 790330 with a safety string.
10. Control Description holder
  From TopO. I have used quite many different models, but that’s the one I am always using now. The base is rigid and the sweet never go in. As it is one of the last things I am looking before my start, I have written inside this quote from Graham Henry (All blacks) – “Excellence is an art reach by training. Excellence is not an act, but a habit”
11. Fast energy source
  Gel drink from Maxim, 60ml. For the long distance, I always carry one in my back pocket. But, most of time, I didn’t have time to use it :)
12. Watch
  Garmin Forerunner 305. Useful to know where I have been running… But I am not using any watch in international competition as someone is in charge to record my time! ;)
13. Food  
Recovery Bar, Carb drink, and Protein-carbohydrate drink from Maxim. It is what I am using straight after the race for a quick muscle recovery and energy recharge after exercise.
14. Skin protection
  Anti-rubbing cream from Akileïne. I use it before the race to prepare my feet to avoid chafing and blisters.

Saudações orientistas.

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Dinis Costa disse...

Esteira anti-humidade e não só...
Falta uma esteira, todo praticante de orientação deve ter uma esteira para os exercícios de flexibilidade após o treino/competição.

Dinis Costa disse...


Uma Esteira anti-humidade e não só...
Falta uma esteira, todo praticante de orientação deve ter uma esteira para os exercícios de flexibilidade após o treino/competição.