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É de opinião que a IOF dá mais importância às provas de Sprint do que às tradicionais disciplinas Média e Longa? Não percebe quais as mais-valias do Sprint para a nossa modalidade? Sente que está na altura de dizer “basta” e tentar inverter esta situação? Então um dos caminhos para o fazer é assinar a petição que Toon Melis colocou a circular na Internet e na qual se pode ler que “o Sprint é apenas uma parte da Orientação, não é tudo!”

Olav Lundanes, Thierry Gueorgiou, Fabian Hertner, Eva Jurenikova, Edgards Bertuks, Lina Strand, Anders Norberg, Anne Margrethe Hausken Nordberg, Philippe Adamski e Tomas Dlabaja são alguns dos signatários da petição, a qual pode ser consultada em detalhe aqui.


Are you also fed up by the fact that IOF is making Sprint orienteering more important than the traditional disciplines middle and long? This petition is not meant to take sprint/urban orienteering down but we think that the real soul of orienteering is in a forest, where the challenges are much greater. IOF, please don’t try to "destroy" our sport because you want more media-attention. In fact, we think you should try to find a better way to broadcast forest orienteering, without making too many compromises to the essentials of our sport.

What is Sprint orienteering doing to our sport? It’s removing more and more of our characteristics, and eventually it will just turn out to running with a map. I think running is a great sport, both 100 meter and marathon, and it is definitely interesting to watch on TV, but it’s just not what we do and why we started orienteering. A lot of international athletes aren't hoping for a mixed sprint relay at woc. Even at national level (Belgium) urban sprint races are much more important (> 50%) than technical orienteering tests.

For us orienteering is about challenges. I love orienteering because of the challenges the sports give me. Continuously making the right decisions in a 90 minutes long distance, complex orienteering on the middle distance, constantly living on the edge between speed and security, is the reason why we keep doing this wonderful sport. Of course the physical part of our sport is very important, but in our opinion not the one that makes the difference between the good and the best.

I will send a mail to IOF when we reach 1000 voters!

This is your chance to protest against the sad new trend we are going through! Anyone noticed that the courses suggested for the Course of the year are mainly challenging long or middle distances? We hope that, in the future, we can all meet up in the middle of nowhere as much as possible!


I signed because I am concerned that the World Cup is becoming a Sprint World Cup (it will soon be possible to win the world cup without entering a forest), that all disciplines at international races are becoming compromised to get the 'perfect' arena and tv production, that soon it will be only sprint where all* the best runners get to take part because some countries will not have any chance to qualify more runners to the finals without qualifications (*noting that there are limits to number of runners currently for all countries anyway). This is despite the fact that most of my best results have come in sprint orienteering. I love sprint orienteering (when it is done well), but it is a part of orienteering, not what orienteering is all about.

Important signers

Olav Lundanes, Thierry Gueorgiou, Fabian Hertner, Eva Jurenikova, Graham Gristwood, Edgards Bertuks, Lina Strand, Eskil Kinneberg, Jarkko Huovila, Anders Norberg, Anne Margrethe Hausken Nordberg, Olli-Markus Taivanen, Lina Strand, Anna Forsberg, Philippe Adamski, Carsten Jørgensen, Gustav Bergman, Jan Prochazka, Yngve Skogstad, Matt Ogden, Topias Tianen, Lucas Basset, Ivar Lundanes, Gaute Hallan Steiwer, Marcus Millegård, Ola Martner, Albin Ridefelt, Mats Troeng, Tomas Dlabaja, Ausrine Kutkaite


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