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What gear do the world’s best elite orienteers use? In this sixth edition we asked Ida Bobach about her essentials. She ran an impressive middle ditance final in France during the World Championships and grabbed the silver medal. Bobach is still a junior and had her breakthrough in the senior class last Autumn during the World Cup final in Geneva – Switzerland.

1. Compass

Silva 6 Jet Spectra, right-hand. In competitions I bring an extra compass with me, just in case.
2. Shoes

VJ Bold, these are my favourite for competition.
3. Socks

Extreme Trimtex O-Socks. They are really comfortable to wear and they protect my legs from getting scratches.
4. Headlamp

Swenor Lightning, anew headlamp that will lead me through the dark winter.
5. Energy drink

Maxim electrolyte energy drink for use before competitions. My favourite is lemon and lime flavour.
6. Watches

Garmin Forerunner 305 and the Polar RS400. The Garmin GPS watch is a good tool in my technical analysis. I can use the Polar watch for WR-competitions because there is no GPS or altimeter in this watch.
7. Buff and gloves

Trimtex buff and Fusion gloves. It is nice to keep my head and hands warm in the cold winter. And the gloves have silicone print in the palm of the hand. That makes it easier to hold on to the map.
8. Shirt

Trimtex Extreme LZR O-Shirt.
9. Pants

Trimtex ¾ Tights or Extreme Short O-Pant. It depends on my mood.
10. Sports-bra

Casall Sports Bra.
11. Punching devices

SPORTident-6 and Emit with display.
12. Control description holder

Vapro Classic M.
13. Tape

Leukotape P for my shoelaces or my feet, so I will not twist my ankles in rocky terrain.
14. Bag

North Face Duffel S, Waterproof and big enough for all my gadgets .

By Joaquim Margarido

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