terça-feira, 12 de julho de 2011


Robert Merl made history. His gold and silver medals were the first of Austria's Junior Team in the competition ever and he was, definitely, the MVP (“most valuable player”) of the 2011 JWOC's edition.

Orientovar - This was your second JWOC, after your participation last year, in Denmark. What are the main differences between then and now?

Robert Merl - I don't think there were many differences in my preparation between JWOC last year and JWOC this year. I think I grew up physically over the last five years, I am training seriously and mentally and I try to get better all the time, but I am not sure if I improved there.

Orientovar - How did you prepare yourself for this event?

Robert Merl - Hard training, of course, to be good physically and mentally. I already started in March (at the first training camp in Poland) to find a concept for how I should run in this terrain. Later, I trained it and made it more concrete (with Catching Features and normal O-Trainings).

This will be remembered

Orientovar - Did you expect such good races and this gold and silver medals at Middle Distance and Long Distance?

Robert Merl - I hoped to make a medal, but I didn't expect one (or even two).

Orientovar - How did you feel sharing the highest place of Middle Distance's podium with two other athletes?

Robert Merl - I'll use the words of Topias [Tiainen]: It is greater to share the gold medals, cause this will be remembered.

I expect to improve over the Winter

Orientovar - How do your results can be important to Austria's Orienteering?

Robert Merl - It is important, because it is not only my success, but also the one from the Austrian Federation and all the people who try to give us (the Youth / Junior / Elite Team) their best support.

Orientovar - What do you expect about the future?

Robert Merl - I expect to improve over the Winter and so I can show them next year in Senior Class what I am able to achieve.


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