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She was the biggest star of this JWOC 2011. At the very end of the competition, Ida Bobach shares with all of us her impressions and takes a look into the future.

Orientovar -Your first JWOC was in Lithuania, in 2006. What memories do you keep of that first experience?

Ida Bobach - I was really young, had not even turn 15 yet, when I went to my first JWOC. I remember it as a really nice experience where I started dreaming of being the best. It looked so cool being on the top of the podium. I think it was my first real look into the elite of Orienteering and I saw how serious and dedicated to Orienteering you could be.

Orientovar - Between Lithuania and Poland, this year, you have a beautiful story to tell us. Can you put in a few words the main moments of your way to the top?

Ida Bobach - Since Lithuania I have changed in many ways. Of course my physique is much better now than it was five years ago. But another important thing is my mental skills. My focus the first time I went to JWOC was to learn and the results were not that important. The next two years were still about learning but I wanted to do well. Sometimes I did not manage to stay focused and I made many mistakes. The last three JWOC's have been really incredible and I have won medals on all distances. I have learned to stay focused on the Orienteering in the forest instead of the result. It has made my Orienteering really safe and successful.

It feels a bit unreal to be the most winning junior ever

Orientovar - After your results last year, did expect to win all the three individuals gold medals?

Ida Bobach - I did not expect to win gold medals on all individual distances but I knew that I could do it if I ran really well. To prepare for JWOC I went to Poland in the Autumn. In the area I live in Denmark, we have some similar terrains so I have been doing many technical trainings here. Together with the other Danes, I have set many courses on old maps from the JWOC-terrains. When I have been doing calm running trainings I have often brought a course and tried to visualize it.

Orientovar - How did you feel about doing history day after day?

Ida Bobach - It felt really good. It feels a bit unreal to be the most winning junior ever. After every race I just tried to prepare for the next race, so I could do it again.

I look forward to struggle for some good results

Orientovar – On the last day of the Championships, the bronze medal for Denmark in the Relay, was it disappointing or you can deal with it quietly?

Ida Bobach – No, I am not disappointed about the bronze medal. Of course I think it is more fun to fight for the gold medal but I am proud of our bronze medal.

Orientovar - This was your last presence in this particular competition. How do you see the future, now?

Ida Bobach - Now I am soon a senior and I know that the competition is going to be harder. But I look forward to struggle for some good results. I will not give up if I do not get great results the next few years. I will fight to be the best and that takes time.


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