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About myself…

My name is… Margus Hallik
I was born on… 25.07.1978, in Võru
My job is… right now I´m a master degree student in Recreation Management
My club is… Länsi-Uudenmaan Suunnistajat (both in Finland and Estonia)
I have been MTBO'ing since… 1998, more seriously from 2002
The greatest joy until this moment… I have been four times in top-6 in WOC and EuroChamps on Long Distances. Silver medal from EOC Relay 2009. World Ranking overall winner in 2004
My biggest disappointment... no medals yet from World Champs, but I have got three times in a row 4th place diploma in WOC – 2004 in Australia, 2005 in Slovakia and 2006 in Finland
Portugal is… old and interesting culture, nice and sunny weather, good food and wine
At MTB WOC 2010 I hope… interesting courses, tough competition and good atmosphere

And still…

I am… father of a funny little boy Aksel – Markus (1 year and 3 months)
I see the World… as a fun place to hang around
Politics and politicians are… doing their job. As my wife have worked many years for our Ministry of Foreign Affairs and we have been in the long diplomatic missions in Italy and Canada, I´m also interested a little bit in international politics and try to follow it
Favourite figure/person… right now, Aksel M.
Favourite book… I like travel books
Favourite movie… thrillers
I also enjoy… as I had quite long career (1987-2000) in Nordic Combined (Ski-Jumping and Cross-Country Skiing) I love very much winter-sports and I have competed five times in Ski-Orienteering World Championships too (last time in 2009, in Japan)
My dream is… generally, to have a good and interesting life. In sport, to achieve results which could offer satisfaction for me and my supporters. And travel through interesting countries

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