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About myself…

My name is… Lauri Malsroos
I was born on… 07.02.1986
My job is… at the moment still student, graduating Estonian Aviation Academy in June 2010 (Helicopter pilot)
My club is… SK Saue Tammed
I have been MTBO'ing since… 2004
The greatest joy until this moment is… enjoying sport in general. Silver medal in relay in Denmark 2009 was a nice surprise
My biggest disappointments are… bad performances in sport and life
Portugal is… a nice country to spend a week to do best sport in the world and to rest in beautiful places
At MTB WOC 2010 I hope… to do performances that satisfy me

And still…

I am… not very interested in politics so the next two questions are not for me
I see the World…
Politics and politicians are…
Favourite figure/person… in sport Ole Einar Bjorndalen; in life, one of my fellow student and very good friend, Taavi Maran
Favourite book… “Musta Pori Näkku”, Mihkel Raud, a famous Estonian musician and TV show host, who was rebel Punk-Musician in 1980’s, when he was young. That´s also the main theme of the book
Favourite movie… “Sin City”
I also enjoy… adventure sport. I have taken part in Swedbank Xdream adventure sport events in last few years (Estonia’s biggest adventure sport events). In 2007 and 2008 I was part of the Salomon Adventure team, who was the overall winner in those years. Tõnis Erm is one of the main organizers of those events
My dream is… to be able to sports in older age and also be capable of flying when I´m 50

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