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About myself...

My name is… Anna Bredahl Telyakevych
I was born on… 07.03.1981, in Kerch
My job is… IT responsible at Combineering (20hrs) + owner of Eleven Sports Denmark (feels like full time)
My club is… Farum OK
I have been MTBO'ing since… spring 2008
The greatest joy until this moment… has to be a Middle Distance race in Poland before the WOC, had an almost perfect race and won by 5 mins :)
My biggest disappointment... this season
Portugal is… Sintra! … and my favourite country along with Czech Republic
At MTB WOC 2010 I hope… to enjoy the quality MTBO maps and have fun finding controls
And still…
I am… a team player
I see the World… as a weird mixture of a little good and too much evil … Hitler… Stalin… I wonder what God was thinking
Politics and politicians are… something I have never heard of :)
Favourite figure/person… don’t really have anyone particular
Favourite book… many different…. by Camilla Läckberg, Jeanette Winterson, Jostein Gaarder, Jo Nesbø, etc.
Favourite movie… those with beautiful music and great photography
I also enjoy… travelling, MTB team racing, climbing
My dream is… to be able to see things positive and be less upset when things don’t work out :)

For further information see Anna Telyakevych's webpage - http://telyakevych.wordpress.com/ - and click image above.

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