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About myself…

My name is… Adrian Jackson
I was born on… 18.07.1983, Melbourne
My job is… Aerospace Engineer / PhD Student
My club is… Melbourne Forest Racers
I have been MTBO'ing since… 2000
The greatest joy until this moment… was winning a gold medal at home in MTBO WOC 2004
My biggest disappointment is… that my father passed away before I won again in 2008 and 2009
Portugal is… a place I have never visited and I am very excited to be going there this year
At MTB WOC 2010 I hope… to win another medal (any colour would be good)

And still…

I am… addicted to going fast (riding, driving, flying, etc.)
I see the World… with rose coloured glasses, but sometimes my optimism gets me in trouble
Politics and politicians are… too contrived and hypocritical for me to pay too much interest
Favourite figure/person… my favourite riders at the moment are Fabian Cancellara and José Hermida
Favourite book… “Anything”, by Bill Bryson, makes me laugh
Favourite movie… “Ronin” (1998)
I also enjoy… eating and drinking good food (the best part of riding a lot!)
My dream is… to be able to finish riding happy and on my own terms

For further information see Adrian Jackson’s webpage - - and click image above.
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