segunda-feira, 21 de junho de 2010



About myself…

My name is… Beat Schaffner
I was born on… 08.11.1973 in Appenzell, Switzerland
My job is… environmental scientist, deputy manager of a firm of 30 people
My club is… Thömus Team, OLV Hindelbank
I have been MTBO'ing since… I organized one of the first MTBO’s in Switzerland in 1999; participated internationally since 2003
The greatest joy until this moment… Relay European Champion in Italy 2007; great World Cup results in Hungary 2010
My biggest disappointment... no Relay podiums in 2009
Portugal is… an interesting country with beautiful landscapes
At MTB WOC 2010 I hope… to fight for medals

And still…

I am… trying to find answers to these questions
I see the World… as a place to explore
Politics and politicians are… manipulated too much by big business
Favourite author… T.C. Boyle
My dream is… to travel the world by bike

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