segunda-feira, 28 de junho de 2010



About myself…

My name is… Anke Dannowski
I was born on… 15.06.1978, Dresden
My job is… Geophysicist in Marine Sciences
My club is… ESV Dresden MBO
I have been MTBO'ing since… 2001
The greatest joy until this moment… Relay in 2005, Slovakia
My biggest disappointment... I don't remember
Portugal is… - sorry - hopefully not winning the Soccer World Champs this year
At MTB WOC 2010 I hope… to have my best MTBO races this seasons - fast and smooth

And still…

I am… happy to be able to do this sports and travelling around
I see the World… as a comfortable place to live
Politics and politicians are… to far away from real life
I also enjoy… outdoor activities in the sun, snow, spring and all the other seasons of the year, and even my job
My dream is… always having dreams

For further information see Anke Dannowski’s webpage - - and click image above.

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